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Leather care


Leather is one of the few materials that gets better with time and we want to help you care for your jacket so that it becomes the vintage piece that you will wear decades from today.

It is a strong, flexible material that needs love. Our guide below will help you maintain the feel and appearance of your leather jacket.



  • Leather can scratch, stretch or mark, so make sure to handle it with care.
  • Before and after each wear, gently dust or wipe off the leather with a clean terry cloth towel.
  • Avoid wearing your leather or suede jacket in the rain, but if it gets wet, we recommend taking it to a dry cleaner. Wet leather requires extra care.
  • Leather can stretch, so avoid overfilling the pockets to maintain its original silhouette.
  • Wait a few minutes to wear your leather jacket after applying perfumes, oils and moisturizers.


  • Use a proper coat hanger to avoid stretching or deforming the silhouette of the garment.
  • Do not place the leather garment next to another item of clothing that might transfer its color onto the leather. For example, if you have a white leather jacket, take care not to place it next to denim jeans.
  • Prolonged direct sunlight can cause the leather color to fade. Always hang the jacket away from sunlight and heat.



  • We recommend that you always have your leather garment cleaned professionally by your dry cleaner who knows how to clean leather (most will).
  • Never wash your jacket or put in the washer.
  • Never dry your jacket with a hairdryer.



Our embellished jackets are intricate and need to be cared for as you would any other cherished item that you want to maintain in excellent condition.

  • To ensure the studs on your jacket remain shiny, gently rub a dry cloth on them between wears.
  • We recommend that you do not carry your handbag on your arm or over your shoulder when wearing a jacket that has studs in these places, to avoid causing a tear.



All purchases made on our website are shipped with one of our garment bags. If you no longer have your garment bag, we do have a few tips to help you arrive at your destination with your jacket in perfect condition:

  • Pack studded pieces surrounded by knits and not with other leather, to avoid the studs causing indentations in other garments. If this occurs, it can be easily ironed out with a standard iron and a pillowcase used as a barrier between the leather and the iron.
  • We also recommend folding tissue paper or a thin foam between the body and the sleeve of the jacket. This helps keep marks from appearing on the leather, especially the back of the garment.

If you have any questions or require any assistance feel free to contact us directly on and someone will assist you within 24 hours.

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