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Constructed Sustainability

Nour Hammour is a Parisien ready to wear label specializing in leather – a noble material that rests at the center of the creative process.

From inception of the design to the final product, sustainability is at the center of our ethos.

Zero Waste: The leather we select is an industry by-product and at the end of each day, all leather scraps are collected and repurposed into our small leather goods collections.

Heirloom collections: Quality over quantity is true sustainability. We believe our designs are heirloom jewels to be collected carefully and consciously.

Nearshored Microfactories: Collections are designed in Paris and produced in Paris, Italy or Turkey – a location is chosen to optimize material quality, transportation and artisan craftmanship.

Zero Stock: Since the inception of the brand, we have only created products on demand. We strive to hold no inventory on product or materials. A lean business is a sustainable business.