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Our process is simple. We design jackets that you can't live without. We want them to be the jewel of your wardrobe and we want you to pass them down to your daughter one day.

We chose to work with leather because it's a bit rebellious.
We chose to work with studs because we love glamour.
We design them in Paris because that's where we met.

In 2013 we launched by creating one of a kind custom jackets for our clients. Shearling coats, studded jackets, party dresses, mini skirts, crop tops - now we do it all and we do it every season.

We design four collections a year because sometimes you just have to play by the rules. We drop exclusives online whenever we feel like it because we can’t wait to share our ideas with you.

Oh, and we’ve been a responsible brand since the beginning. Zero waste, zero stock, local production and micro factories have been a part of our ethos since day one - and every day we try to do the right thing.

If you want to see more, come visit us in Paris

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