Timeless pieces deserve timeless affection. We've collaborated with Attirecare to bring you this exclusive line of garment care products made for your Nour Hammour pieces.

We've created a collection of clean beauty care products for shearling, leather, and suede outerwear. The exclusive range of products has been developed to ensure longevity and preserve the quality of your NH garments. Attirecare and Nour Hammour both value responsibly-made care products, the line was produced without harsh chemical formulas and the packaging is made from 100% biodegradable and recycled materials.

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It’s time to love your leather, and our creamy eucalyptus Leather Balm is formulated just for that. Made to clean, protect, condition, and give vital nourishment to your leather pieces.

Just apply a small amount of the leather balm with the garment cloth or a soft towel once a month, and your leather pieces will look fresh for every season.


Stains will never again be a problem for your leather. The Spot Corrector is made to remove everyday dirt and stains while maintaining the beautiful appearance of your leather jacket.

Simply dab a small amount and gently rub away any stains, dirt, or smudges until your leather is clean.


It’s time to protect! The Protector Solution is the key to maintaining your shearling, suede and leather from outside damage.

Grab your Protector Spray and evenly spritz your garment - your most beloved leather and shearling pieces will be protected and you’ll be worry-free.


Bliss in a mist. The Refreshing Mist was made to neutralize odors and eliminate bad-smelling bacteria so that your garments feel like new at the start of every season.

Whenever your garment needs a reset, spray with the Refreshing Mist all over your garment and you’ll feel like new.


Volumize and revitalize your suede and shearling. The lush brush is the only tool for brushing back to perfection your suede and shearling pieces.

The lush brush is a custom design with bristles that will keep the volume and texture of your shearling and suede garments. Just take your Lush brush once a month and routinely brush your shearling and suede pieces.

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